Sports Premium

At Waddington All-Saints Academy, the school will receive funding of £16,000 and a further £10 per pupil.

Total Planned Expenditure for 2018/19:

Total Planned Expenditure


  • Sports Premium Impact Report for 2018/19

  • Sports Funding Statement 2017-2018

  • Swimming Data - Waddington All Saints Academy March 2018

Sports Premium

Action Plan: Effective use of the Primary PE and Sports Premium 2018/19

Action Plan
Sports Premium

Sports Funding 2017/18

Objectives of the sports funding

1: Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

2: The profile of PE and Sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and Sport

4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

5: Increased participation in competitive sport

Sports Premium

Impact of funding

Curriculum and assessment

▸ All pupils have 2 hours of PE weekly. Pupils are more active in PE lessons, taking part without stopping to rest. In all PE lessons, activities are interspersed to heighten heart rate during physical activity.

▸ Curriculum lessons are more active to incorporate the aim of 30minutes of physical activity a day in school.

▸ Purchased PE MAPs Assessment Pack to measure attainment and progress of all pupils. Each year group has their own specific PE map, which focuses upon the physical, personal, cognitive and Health and what the children need to be able to do to achieve each measure, allowing identification of gaps and where targeted support needs to be placed. Baselines in the Summer term will mean that we can compare End of Year to Year results. Staff have also been trained in using the assessments.

▸ Baseline activities (throwing and catching, jumping, agility and long distance running) established linked to the ‘Challenging Children’s inactivity’ report which shows that only 1 in 3 achieve recommended levels for their age group.

▸ Skills progressions developed to support planning and progression.

▸ Very few instances of pupils not bringing in kit to school.

Sports Premium


▸ Pupils have taken part in Inclusive Sports competitions through Equate and 1st Step Sports. These have happened three times throughout the year, with pupils being coached within the relevant sport leading up to the competition. The focus has been upon inclusion and forming friendship with pupils in local schools.

▸ All pupils compete every half term in an intra sports competition, competing for the class trophy. Understanding of sportsmanship values have deepened and the sporting display celebrates this.

▸ Partnership with other schools developed – Y5 competitions embedded throughout the year.

▸ Pupils in KS2 have been involved in competing for the Sainsbury’s School Games and have progressed to the Lincolnshire County Finals in swimming.

▸ More girls keen to take part in competitive sport.

Sports Premium

Pupil Voice

▸ Sports council set up with clubs being decided by pupils from listening to pupil voice.

▸ Sports leaders have been trained up to support physical activity at break and lunchtimes.

▸ LSA employed at lunchtimes to make them more active – behaviour has improved at lunchtimes and this has led to improved learning in the afternoons.

▸ Girls football club started at lunchtime as a request from pupils after FA Skills training.

Sports Premium


▸ Coaches have had a positive impact and continued to improve pupils’ perception of and enjoyment of P.E. Every child in school has been taught be a specialist coach, with a range of sports being covered; staff’s confidence in the delivery of P.E has been enhanced. Staff have increased their subject knowledge, competence and confidence, initially by practising alongside the coach before progressing to independent delivery.

▸ Specialist dance coaches have developed pupil’s skill alongside staff and Years 4 and 5 have taken part in NK Dance Festival.

▸ Pupils in KS1 and Y3/4 all had football coaching through the FA skills programme.

▸ KS1 pupils have taken part in 'All Stars Cricket'.

Sports Premium


▸ Funding allocated to put towards an all weather surface to ensure sustainability.

▸ Funding allocated to purchase new sports kit (t-shirts, tracksuits, football kit) for competitions with the new school logo.

▸ AfPE subscription to ensure practise it up to date.

▸ Resources purchased to ensure a more active playground.

▸ Playworker to support active lunchtimes.

Swimming data:

Action Plan

▸ Pupils from across Y4/5/6 who are still unable to swim 25m have had access to additional swimming sessions during the Summer term to help them achieve the require standard and improve their technique.

▸ Data now being taken from Y4 so there are 2 more years to put in additional support as required.

L.E.A.D Hub Competition Overview

Action Plan